Sunday, 18 June 2017

Luxury High-End SpinaliS Office Chairs for Healthy Back

There are lots of different luxury high end chairs available on the market, but none of them can offer what SpinaliS chairs do = ACTIVE SITTING. What is active sitting? Basically any of the SpinaliS chairs allows you to strengthen your core muscles while you are sitting thus eliminating back pain and improving your posture. There is no need to move your body intentionally or sweat at the office to achieve the results. Just sit and the SpinaliS chair will do the magic for you!

This is what we still have in stock:

Back-orders of the customized chairs is also available. You can choose from various types of frames and fabric or materials for the seat and back rest, colors and imprints as well as printing or embroidery of customized logos and messages on the chair of your choice.

We offer FREE TRIAL for all of the SpinaliS chairs that are in stock; therefore, don't hesitate to make an inquiry at 844 777 0489.

We also offer a "Lease to Own" financing program starting at $39/month - choose the chair you would like to purchase and fill out the form:

For more info call 844 777 0489
or drop by any of our six stores

SpinaliS Store in Vancouver, BC
3619 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6R 1P2

SpinaliS Store in Surrey, BC
Laser Health Solutions
Chiropractic Corp.
204-15230 Hwy 10
Surrey, BC V3S 5K7

SpinaliS Store in Victoria, BC
770 Spruce Avenue
Victoria, BC V8T 5A5

SpinaliS Store in Kelowna, BC
105-2041 Harvey Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6G7

SpinaliS Store in Toronto, ON
CMCC Supply Centre & Bookstore
6100 Leslie Street, Toronto
Toronto, ON M2H 3J1

SpinaliS Store in Squamish, BC
Elaho Medical Clinic
Chieftain Centre
1337 Pemberton Ave
Squamish, BC M2H 3J1

Financing Available! Starting at $39/month
Get your SpinaliS chair now and pay later. Choose between 12 and 36 month installments starting at $39/month. "Lease to Own" program with G Direct Finance: Simple and Safe!

Medical Device
SpinaliS chairs were developed with a help of doctors and evaluated as a Class I medical device. Clinical evaluation of the medical device was processed by multiple clinics in Europe. However, in Canada, it is not possible to claim SpinaliS chairs to write your taxes off and they are not covered by any kind of medical insurance or health plan, yet.

Abs and Back Workout
Work out while sitting on any of the SpinaliS chairs and performing your daily tasks at the office or home.

Back Pain Relief
SpinaliS Chairs will work out your core muscles for you. Just sit, do your thing and leave everything else up to SpinaliS.

Stylish Office Chairs
Design of the SpinaliS Chairs is an eye candy – your customers will definitely notice them!

Yoga Ball Alternative
It is recommended not to sit longer than 2 hours on a yoga ball, but on the SpinaliS chairs you can sit all day long.

Standing Desk Alternative
SpinaliS chairs will actually make your body to work out and get you into a great shape without the hard task of standing or exercising.

Who does use SpinaliS?
Google, Dubai Airport, SONY, IBM, DELL, Skoda Auto, CSOB Bank, Unicredit Bank, Vodafone and many more.

SpinaliS Canada
ph: 778 989 0637
Chairs for Active Sitting to Eliminate Back Pain and Improve Posture
Financing available! Starting at $39/month