Thursday, 29 September 2016

Win SpinaliS Canada Hacker series chair valued at $1390

Win a SpinaliS Hacker Series Chair valued at $1390

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Unique Chair for Healthy Back - FREE SHIPPING in Canada

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

SpinaliS Canada - Rodeo Series Chair - Great for Posture Correction

Get your SpinaliS Rodeo Series Chair at

SpinaliS is a unique chair for healthy back
A unique movable seat on a spring ensures the mobility of the pelvis, strengthening abdominal and back muscles, keeping the spine in its correct position while preventing irreversible changes to the spine and so eliminating back pain. SpinaliS is the healthiest way to sit all-day long.

- Combination of the spring mechanism and horse saddle
- Offers relief in the hips and thighs
- Lifelong Warranty on the Spring
- Free Shipping Anywhere in Canada

- Standard gas pump range: seat: 20.5'' - 25.6''
- High gas pump range: seat: 22.4'' - 27.6''
- Low gas pump range: seat: 18.5'' - 23.6''
- User Height: 5'3'' - 7'
- Body Type: Slim, Average, Robust
- Adjusting options: seat hight
- Seat dimensions: width: 15.4'', depth: 17.7''
- Max load: 250 lb
- Chair weight: 33 lb

Loosens stiff neck
The moving seat “forces” you to straighten your back, have a correct head position and pull your shoulders back, reducing stress on the trapezoid muscles and loosening the stiff cervical spine. The constant movement of the seat eliminates any possible blockage, thus relaxing a stiff neck.

Straightens round backs
The movement of the seat straightens the back in the thoracic kyphosis area, restoring the physiological shape of the spine into its natural position (the natural curve of the spine in the shape of the letter “S”). Eliminating a round back also lessens pressure to organs in the chest, especially the lungs and stomach, which leads to improved breathing and digestion.

Activates weak muscles of the back and abdomen
The movable seat allows for body movement in all directions, so you are not forced to sit still – SpinaliS chairs encourage the involvement of all torso muscles, which leads to the strengthening of the back and abdominal muscles.

Reinforces deep stabilizing muscles
The stabilization of deep spinal muscles is all about strengthening muscles that stabilize the spine during all movements that we make. Deep stabilization plays an important role in protecting our spine against various loads and stress. Taking care of your spine requires constant exercising of deep stabilizing muscles, which in the sitting position is possible only on a Swiss ball or on a healthy SpinaliS chair.

Removes pain in the lower back
The movable seat of SpinaliS chairs swings forward while you lean over your desk, thereby allowing the spine to bend forward resuming lumbar lordosis at all times. Lumbar lordosis is important for optimal placement of the lumbar vertebrae as they are wedge-shaped (higher in the front, lower in the back). With the correct hip position there is a substantial reduction of pressure on the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, which allows for effective pain relief. In addition, the movable seat also reduces stress in the lower beck, unlike in the case of chairs with fixed seats, which can make sitting quite painful.

SpinaliS Canada
ph: 1 778 989 0637
Unique Chair for Healthy Back - FREE SHIPPING in Canada